At Conquest Training
it is our business
to understand
your business

We tailor bespoke training solutions
to ensure your people are:

  • efficient and on track
  • understand the vital role they play in your business.

As organisations we all hope to head in the same direction. We are looking to move onward and upward. We know that sustaining growth and building productivity relies on the people within the organisation.

Our staff are specialists in their area. We take the time to understand your business and where you need to go, what you need to get there, and how together we will achieve your aims.

Conquest Training engages your people with fun, honest and professional training and consulting. Our specialty is communication, key to any successful organisation. Whether it is written, verbal, health and safety or managment.

Success comes from understanding each other and working together. Conquest harnesses the skills of all people to promote an engaged and enthusiastic team environment.


All documents should be centred on the reader.

If you get this you get writing. The problem is that most people don’t do this, or get worried when they are required to write something.

We are all about showing people how they can write clearly, conversationally and in a way that makes people want to read it. Which is the purpose of writing right?

Here at Conquest we love the phrase ‘write to communicate, not to impress’, this pretty much sums up our approach to any writing training that is associated with business.

We teach the essentials of good business writing then use your valuable time to work on your documents.

First Line

The flow of effective communication is vital to any successful organisation. It is important that your first line managers, your supervisors and leading hands feel confident and competent handling day to day staff issues.

Our first line management course will teach your supervisors to communicate effectively, whether in a tool box meeting or a board meeting. It will work with them to understand the pressing issues and the bigger picture of an organisation so that they can be a really capable link between management and floor staff.

Workplace Literacy
and Numeracy

Did you know that one in five adults have low or very low literacy and numeracy skills according to the OECD 2015/6 survey?

This has an enormous effect on:

  • Productivity and efficiency rates and
  • Worker health and safety

Conquest Training has an integrated approach to literacy and numeracy which:

  • Delivers literacy and numeracy while maximising the use of workplace documents/forms/situations/charts or graphs
  • Improves participant confidence
  • Integrates digital literacy into any programme where and when necessary and
  • Builds your business by building staff confidence and awareness through workplace upskilling

Our literacy and numeracy programme will develop your staff and your business.

Currently the government will fund larger organisations who wish to implement literacy and numeracy training for their staff. We have trained and experienced workplace literacy and numeracy staff who can tailor bespoke training solutions for your workplace.

Larger companies may have the option of applying for funding through the Workplace Literacy Fund.


There is a world of difference between being a boss and a leader.

We specialise in training leaders for organisations. We guide your staff to focus on the key aspects of running the business.

We know the importance of understanding the whole picture and working with your team to make the most of this really important relationship.

Our People

Nettles Lamont

Managing Director, Conquest Training Limited

Nettles established Conquest Training in 1998. Her aim is to dedicate an organisation to upskilling New Zealand’s workforce in literacy, numeracy and communication.

With a Bachelor in Commerce from Lincoln University and a Master’s in Literacy and Numeracy Nettles has been developing and working with a wide variety of businesses for many years.

In addition she stands on several boards including the Home and Family Society Christchurch, Cholmondley Childrens Charity and the Canterbury Youth Development programme. On top of all this she is the CEO of the Dublin St Trust.

Nettles is passionate in seeing success through training of the business and the people, because after all people are what it is all about.

Felicity Cuff

Felicity has 25 years of experience in training in three countries and has spent the last 2 years working at Conquest Training Limited.

Her experience ranges from teaching business writing to Bruneian judges to teaching numeracy and literacy to truck drivers in a Canterbury smoko room. Felicity loves this job for the rewards and positive change she can bring to both individuals and the business.

Felicity has a Bachelor of Arts (English and Political Science) with Honours from Canterbury University and a Cambridge qualification in ESL.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are specialists and are professionally trained in their various fields of expertise.

It is essential that the correct tutor with their individual talents and skills are matched to the specific needs of our clients. Then together they can work together towards achieving the same goal.

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We welcome your queries and are happy to talk with you about your requirements and how we can help.