First Line Management:

The flow of effective communication is vital in any organisation. It is imperative that your first line managers, your supervisors and leading hands feel confident and competent handling day to day staff issues. A First Line Management course will teach your supervisors to communicate and understand the pressing issues within the organisation in order to be an effective link between management and floor staff.

Literacy and numeracy in the workplace:

A high percentage of New Zealand's current workforce still has issues with literacy and numeracy. This causes many problems within organisations. It has been shown that supporting people with literacy and numeracy issues can greatly improve efficiency and productivity within the workforce. Currently the Government will fund larger organisations who wish to implement literacy and numeracy training for their staff. We have trained and experienced workplace literacy and numeracy staff who can tailor bespoke training solutions for your workplace

Larger companies may have an option of applying for funding through the Workplace Literacy Fund.

Please contact us for more information.

Management training:

There is a world of difference between being a boss and a leader. We specialise in training leaders for organisations. We guide your key staff to focus on the key aspects of running the business. We know the importance of understanding the 'whole picture'

Report and tender writing:

Our staff are experienced report writers and can guide your people through the report writing process. Whether it be a tender or a report for management or an external entity, we can show you the steps you need to take to produce effective and successful reports for your organisations. We also offer a complete report and tender writing service for organisations.


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